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how long will it take me to bleed to death if i cut my wrists

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JOHNC     2/22/2010 5:11:07 AM

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what do you care you will be dead? if you are looking for attention or crying for help ,ok you got it. listen you need help and you need to facilitate what ever it takes to gwt to a hospital, life is a gift you need serious help andi promise whatever is making you sad and depressed is not good enough to exscuse you for even thinking of cutting your wrists, you cut both wrists you will die within three to four minutes, of course how brutal the cuts will play a part,i have no way to reach out to you but youy can me my prayers are with you

JOHNC     2/22/2010 5:15:12 AM

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i want you to call 911, as well as your doctor

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