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I am coughing and my lungs are burning what is it?

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    5/6/2011 4:41:59 AM

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Me too help! I have never had breathing problems, all the sudden I can't catch my breath and I am on fire! I've taken everything I can find for allergies and asthma inhaler, neb treatment of albuterol, prednisone, clariton, robitussin, singular, I've even started branching out to Internet suggestions like honey, hot tea (OPPOSITE of what I want , cold milk feels the best and I read it's the worst) it's 2am again and I can't sleep. I'm 26 w/no prior history of breathing probs. I smoke occasionally but have never had it cause respiratory symptoms. I want to avoid antibiotics, had someone at work listen to my lungs and they said my lungs sound clear. I'm a bit worried because I had an o2 sat of 90% day before yesterday. Yesterday it was 96%. I felt ok today until 10pm and now feel worse than ever. Also the cough is unproductive. I know I have postnasal drainage but that is typical for me as i have chronic rhinitis. Please please suggestions?

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