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why do i crave salt so much to the point that i actually drink pickle juice?

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JOHNC     2/23/2010 1:10:53 AM

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i sure do not have a clue, but i do want to tell you sodium can effect alot of things from blood pressure, edema [swelling\, in excess can throw your electrolytes off, so what am i saying, well i will ask you what is your blood pressure,2 when is the last time you had your "electrolytes checked. [blood draw, ordered by the doctor, are your legs swollen at times.kkkkkk if you do not have a answer for me to any of those questions i suggest you get them checked. lay off the salt, cut down,to much of any thing is bad!! good luck god bless ps.i drank out of the pickle jar when i was a kid, i think i liked the tarty tingle flavor, till my mother was standing over

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